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Омонимы. Часть 1

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

Омонимы (от греч. homos — одинаковый и onyma — имя) — разные по значению, но одинаково звучащие и/или пишущиеся единицы языка (слова, морфемы и др.).

affect - effect
affect- глагол -> влиять
affect - She wanted to affect the students in a way they'd never forget.
effect - существительное -> эффект
The effect of the performance was stunning.

aisle - isle
aisle - существительное -> проход (в театре)
I quickly walked down the aisle and took my seat.
isle - существительное -> остров
He grew up on the isle of Elba.

allowed - aloud
allowed - past tense глагола 'to allow' -> разрешенный
His mother allowed him to stay up late on Saturday.
aloud - наречие -> вслух
She read the story aloud.

ate - eight
ate - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to eat'
She ate a quick lunch and returned to work.
eight - number -> цифра 8
I bought eight tickets to the concert.

ball - bawl
ball - существительное -> мяч
He took a ball to the beach to play with the children.
bawl - глагол -> плакать
Please don't bawl! It's not that bad.

bear - bare
bear - глагол -> переносить
He can't bear exams.
bare - прилагательное -> голый
He stood outside in the rain completely bare.

base - bass
base - существительное -> основа
I think we need a new base for that lamp.
bass - существительное -> басс (голос)
I sang bass in the church choir.

billed - build
billed - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to bill'
She billed the clients for $4,000.
build - глагол -> строить
They build houses in Portland, Oregon.

blew - blue
blew - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to blow'
She blew a lot of bubbles at her birthday party.
blue - прилагательное -> голубой цвет
Her house is painted blue.

board - bored
board - существительное -> доска
I used a board to cover the window.
bored - прилагательное -> скучающий
He was bored by the meeting.

break - brake

break - глагол -> ламать
Unfortunately, I often break my toys!
brake - существительное -> тормоз
He used the brake to stop quickly.

buy - by- bye

buy - глагол -> покупать
Do they often buy clothes in that shop?
by - предлог ->
The song was written by Hammersmith.
bye - существительное -> прощание
Bye! I'll see you tomorrow.

capital - capitol
capital - существительное -> столица
Olympia is the capital of Washington state.
capitol - существительное -> здание правительства
The capitol is a beautiful building.

cell - sell
cell - существительное -> камера
There are two prisoners per cell in that prison.
sell - глагол -> продавать
They sell books and magazines.

cent - scent- sent
cent - существительное -> цент
One cent isn't worth very much.
scent - существительное -> запах
The scent in the air is fabulous!
sent - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to send'
I sent you some pictures last week.

chance - chants
chance - существительное -> шанс
I saw Mary by chance in California.
chants - существительное (мн. число) -> напев
We did some grammar chants in class last week.

chews - choose
chews - глагол -> глагол 'to chew' в третьем лице
My daughter chews her food well.
choose - глагол -> выбирать
OK, I choose the red one.

close - clothes
close - глагол -> закрывать
Please close the door when you come in.
clothes - существительное -> одежда
He put on his clothes and left for work.

coarse - course
coarse - прилагательное -> грубый
The fabric is rather coarse.
course - существительное -> курс
The English course will begin next week.

creak - creek
creak - глагол -> скрипеть
The doors in the house all creak.
creek - существительное -> маленький ручеек
The creek winds through the beautiful valley.

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