вторник, 8 июля 2008 г.

Омонимы. Часть 3

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

hair - hare
hair - существительное -> волосы
She's got long brown hair.
hare - существительное -> заяц
He shot a hare while in the field.

hay - hey
hay - существительное -> сено
We spent last week collecting hay from the fields.
hey - выражение -> оклик
Hey! Watch out!

heal - heel
heal - глагол -> лечить
Doctors heal thousands of patients a year.
heel - существительное -> пята
I hurt my heel playing tennis.

hear - here

hear - глагол -> слышать
Did you hear what he said?
here - наречие -> тут
Is this your book here?

hi - high
hi - приветствие -> привет
Hi! How are you today?
high - прилагательное -> высокий
Mount Rainier is extremely high.

hoarse - horse
hoarse - прилагательное -> охрипший
Your voice is hoarse. Do you have a cold?
horse - существительное -> конь
Cowboy Tom had a horse named Joe.

hole - whole

hole - существительное -> дыра
There is a hole in the wall we need to repair.
whole - прилагательное -> полный
He ate the whole pie!

hour - our
hour - существительное -> час
It took one hour to finish the exercise.
our – притяжательное прилагательное -> наш
That's our house on the corner.

knight - night

knight - существительное -> рыцарь
Arthur was a knight of the round table.
night - существительное -> ночь
I went to bed late last night.

knot - naught - not
knot - существительное -> узел
He tied a knot to secure the rope.
naught - существительное -> ничего
His efforts came to naught.
not - наречие -> не
It's not her fault.

know - no
know - глагол -> знать
They didn't know where she had studied.
no - нарречие -> нет
No! I don't want to come!

leased - least

leased - глагол -> past form глагола 'lease':
They leased they office for three months.
least – прилагательное превосходной степени -> наименее
She was the least successful of the candidates.

loan - lone
loan - глагол -> давать в долг
Can you loan me some money until tomorrow?
lone - прилагательное -> единственный
She is the lone person who speaks French.

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