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Омонимы. Часть 4

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

made - maid
made - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to make'
She made me a cup of tea.
maid - существительное -> уборщица
The maid cleaned the room.

mail - male
mail - существительное -> почта
I got a lot of mail today.
male - прилагательное -> относящийся к мужскому полу
His male friends are crazy!

marry - merry
marry - глагол -> жениться
Is a pastor going to marry them?
merry - прилагател -> прилагательное
We had a merry time at the pub.

meat - meet
meat - существительное -> мясо
I really don't like horse meat.
meet - глагол -> встречать
Let's meet next week.

mince - mints
mince - глагол -> крошить
Can you mince that parsley?
mints – существительное (мн. ч.) -> мятные конфеты
I enjoy After Eight mints.

missed - mist
missed - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to miss'
I missed the airplane and had to book another flight.
mist - существительное -> туман
Ireland is famous for mist.

morning - mourning

morning - существительное -> утро
Let's meet tomorrow morning at nine.
mourning - существительное -> траур
She was in mourning for three years.

none - nun
none - местоимение -> никто
None of the students came to the party.
nun - существительное -> монахиня
The nun helped the children understand the song.

one - won
one - цифра -> 1
Only one man came to the presentation.
won - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to win'
I won a prize at the competition.

pail - pale
pail - существительное -> ведро
Use that pail to hold the water.
pale - прилагательное-> бледный
She looks rather pale.

pear - pair

pear - существительное -> груша
She ate a pear for lunch.
pair - существительное -> пара
I bought a new pair of shoes last weekend.

patience - patients
patience - существительное -> терпение
Success requires a lot of patience.
patients - существительное (мн. ч.) -> пациенты
There are too many patients waiting in the emergency room.

piece - peace
piece - существительное -> кусочек
I had a piece of pie for dessert.
peace - существительное -> мир
We all hope to live in peace.

plain - plane

plain - прилагательное -> простой
The food was rather plain in England.
plane - существительное -> самолет
The plane took off at six in the morning.

practice - practise
practice - существительное -> практика
I went to practice after school was finished.
practise - глагол -> практиковать
I practise the piano for two hours every day.

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