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Омонимы. Часть 5

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

rain - reign

rain - существительное -> дождь
I can't stand rain! I prefer sunny weather.
reign - существительное -> царствование
Queen Elizabeth the Second's reign continues to this day.

read - red
read - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to read'
I read Rabbit At Rest last week.
red - цвет
My favorite color is red.

right - write
right - прилагательное -> правильный
That answer is right!
write - глагол -> писать
I prefer to write my letters in pen.

road - rode

road - существительное -> дорога
I took the country road instead of taking the freeway.
rode - глагол -> past tense глагола 'ride'
He rode a horse last weekend.

rose - rows
rose - существительное -> роза
I gave my girlfriend a red rose for her birthday.
rows - существительное (мн. ч.) -> ряды
There are fifteen rows in the theater.

sail - sale
sail - глагол -> плавать
They often sail at weekends.
sale - существительное -> распродажа
Let's go to the sale at the supermarket this afternoon.

scene - seen

scene - существительное -> место действия, пейзаж
The scene was set in the south of France.
seen - глагол -> past participle глагола 'to see'
I haven't seen him in years!

sea - see
sea - существительное -> море
We took a ferry across the sea.
see - глагол -> видеть
Can you see him over there?

sew - so

sew - глагол -> шить
Most people don't sew their own clothes.
so - наречие -> так
The test was so difficult I almost failed.

sole - soul

sole - прилагательное -> единственный
She was the sole person to understand him.
soul - существительное -> душа
Many people believe that the soul goes to heaven when we die.

son - sun
son - существительное -> сын
Our son goes to Harvard!
sun - существительное -> солнце
The sun shone bright yesterday.

stair - stare
stair - существительное -> ступенька
Be careful of that stair - it's broken.
stare - глагол -> пялиться
Don't stare at that woman! It's rude.

steal - steel
steal - глагол -> красть
I think there should be no punishment for people who steal food to survive.
steel - существительное -> сталь
Most cars have some steel in their body.

suite - sweet
suite - существительное -> комната-люкс
They stayed in the honeymoon suite.
sweet - прилагательное -> сладкий
Candy is very sweet.

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