вторник, 8 июля 2008 г.

Омонимы. Часть 6

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

their - there
their – притягательное прилагательное -> их
That's their house on the corner.
there - наречие -> там
Please sit over there.

threw - through
threw - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to throw'
He threw the ball to his father.
through - предлог -> через
He went through the tunnel.

to - too - two
to - преддлог -> к
I went to him and offered my congratulations.
too - наречие -> также
Tom visited New York, too.
two -цифра -> 2
She bought two magazines and some candy.

vary - very
vary - глагол -> меняться
Results may vary with daily or weekly use.
very - наречие -> очень
She was very happy to see Jim.

waist - waste

waist - существительное -> талия
I need to reduce the fat around my waist.
waste - глагол -> тратить
Don't waste time! Start studying!

wait - weight
wait - глагол -> ждать
Can you wait just a moment?
weight - существительное -> вес
I wish my weight were lower.

war - wore
war - существительное -> война
The war in Iraq is damaging relations with the rest of the world.
wore - глагол -> past tense глагола 'to wear'
He wore a beautiful suit to the interview.

wear - where
wear - глагол -> носить (одежду)
Models generally wear jeans and not the expensive clothes they show on the walkway.
where – вопросительное слово
Where does he come from?

weak - week
weak - прилагательное -> слабый
My left arm is very weak.
I need to do some exercises.
week - noun -> неделя
My work week is very long and hard.

weather - whether
weather - существительное -> погода
The weather has been quite beautiful this week.
whether - сочинение -> или
I don't whether he will come or not.

which - witch
which – вопросительное слово -> который
Which vacation should we choose?
witch - существительное -> ведьма
Sarah was burned as a witch during the Salem Witch Trials.

wood - would
wood - существительное -> дерево
The desk is made out of wood.
would -глагол -> вспомогательный глагол условных предложений
I would like to visit you soon.

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