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Презентация на английском: полезные фразы

Проводя презентацию на английском языке, важно знать некоторые фразы, которые указывают на определенные этапы презентации. Выучите их, чтобы Вы могли автоматически использовать их во время выступлений.

Начало презентации

• Good morning/good afternoon ladies and gentlemen
• The topic of my presentation today is ...
• What I'm going to talk about today is ...

Причина проведения презентации
• The purpose of this presentation is ...
• This is important because ...
• My objective is to ...

Формулировка главных пунктов
• The main points I will be talking about are
firstly ...
next, finally... we're going to look at ...

Ознакомление с первым пунктом

• Let's start/begin with ...

Демонстрация графиков, слайдов и т.д.

• I'd like to illustrate this by showing you...

Переход к следующему пункту
• Now let's move on to ...

Уточнение некоторых деталей

• I'd like to expand on this aspect/problem/point
• Let me elaborate on that
• Would you like me to expand on/elaborate on that?

Смена темы

• I'd like to turn to something completely different

Отвлечение от темы
• I'd like to digress here for a moment and just mention that ...

Возвращение к ранее сказанному
• Let me go back to what I said earlier about ...

Подведение итогов
• I'd like to recap the main points of my presentation
- first I covered
- then we talked about
- finally we looked at
• I'd now like to sum up the main points which were:

• I'm going to conclude by... saying that/inviting you to/ quoting ...
• In conclusion, let me... leave you with this thought/invite you to

• Finally, I'll be happy to answer your questions.
• Now I'd like to invite any questions you may have.
• Do you have any questions?

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