вторник, 8 июля 2008 г.

Участие во встречах

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

Следующие фразы будут Вам полезны на встречах. Они помогут выразить идеи и сделать вклад в встречу.

Привлечение внимания председателя
(Mister/Madam) chairman.
May I have a word?
If I may, I think...
Excuse me for interrupting.
May I come in here?

Выражение мнений

I'm positive that...
I (really) feel that...
In my opinion...
The way I see things...
If you ask me,... I tend to think that...

Расспрашивание мнений
Are you positive that...
Do you (really) think that...
(name of participant) can we get your input?
How do you feel about...?


That's interesting .
I never thought about it that way before.
Good point!
I get your point.
I see what you mean.

I totally agree with you.
That's (exactly) the way I feel.
I have to agree with (имя участника).


Unfortunately, I see it differently.
Up to a point I agree with you, but...
(I'm afraid) I can't agree

Советы и предложения
We should...
Why don't you....
How/What about...
I suggest/recommend that...


Let me spell out...
Have I made that clear?
Do you see what I'm getting at?
Let me put this another way...
I'd just like to repeat that...

Запрашивание информации

Please, could you...
I'd like you to...
Would you mind...
I wonder if you could...

Просьба повтора
I'm afraid I didn't understand that. Could you repeat what you just said?
I didn't catch that. Could you repeat that, please?
I missed that. Could you say it again, please?
Could you run that by me one more time?

Просьба уточнения
I don't quite follow you. What exactly do you mean?
I'm afraid I don't quite understand what your are getting at.
Could you explain to me how that is going to work?
I don't see what you mean. Could we have some more details, please?

Просьба подтверждения

You did say next week, didn't you? ('did' is stressed)
Do you mean that...?
Is it true that...?

Просьба проверки правописания
Could you spell that, please?
Would you mind spelling that for me, please?

Просьба выражения дополнений
We haven't heard from you yet, (имя участника).
What do you think about this proposal?
Would you like to add anything, (имя участника)?
Has anyone else got anything to contribute?
Are there any more comments?

Уточнение информации

Sorry, I think you misunderstood what I said.
Sorry, that's not quite right.
I'm afraid you don't understand what I'm saying.
That's not quite what I had in mind.
That's not what I meant.

Удержание встречи в рамках (время, уместность, принятие решений)
We're running short of time.
Well, that seems to be all the time we have today.
Please be brief.
I'm afraid we've run out of time.
I'm afraid that's outside the scope of this meeting.
Let's get back on track, why don't we?
That's not really why we're here today.
Why don't we return to the main focus of today's meeting.
We'll have to leave that to another time.
We're beginning to lose sight of the main point.
Keep to the point, please.
I think we'd better leave that for another meeting.
Are we ready to make a decision?

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