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Проведение встреч

Владимир Бойко
Американская Академия Бизнес Английского

Ниже поданные фразы используются для проведения встреч. Используйте их, если Вам поручено провести встречу на английском языке.

Good morning/afternoon, everyone.
If we are all here, let's get started / start the meeting / start.

Приветствие и представление
Please join me in welcoming (имя участника)
We're pleased to welcome (имя участника)
I'd like to extend a warm welcome to (имя участника)
It's a pleasure to welcome (имя участника)
I'd like to introduce (имя участника)

Указание главных целей
We're here today to ...
I'd like to make sure that we ...
Our main aim today is to ...
I've called this meeting in order to ...

Извинения за отсутствующих
I'm afraid.., (имя участника) can't be with us today. She is in...
Unfortunately, (имя участника) ... will not be with us to day because he ...
I have received apologies for absence from (имя участника), who is in (место).

Краткий обзор предыдущей встречи

To begin with I'd like to quickly go through the minutes of our last meeting.
First, let's go over the report from the last meeting, which was held on (дата)
Here are the minutes from our last meeting, which was on (дата)

Реакция на недавние события

Jack, can you tell us how the XYZ project is progressing?
Jack, how is the XYZ project coming along?
John, have you completed the report on the new accounting package?
Has everyone received a copy of the Tate Foundation report on current marketing trends?

So, if there is nothing else we need to discuss, let's move on to today's agenda.
Shall we get down to business?
Is there Any Other Business?
If there are no further developments, I'd like to move on to today's topic.

Представление повестки дня

Have you all received a copy of the agenda?
There are X items on the agenda. First, ... second, ... third, ... lastly, ...
Shall we take the points in this order?
If you don't mind, I'd like to go in order today.
skip item 1 and move on to item 3
I suggest we take item 2 last.

Назначение ролей (секретарь, участники)

(имя участника) has agreed to take the minutes.
(имя участника), would you mind taking the minutes?
(имя участника) has kindly agreed to give us a report on ...
(имя участника) will lead point 1, (имя участника) point 2, and (имя участника) point 3.
(имя участника), would you mind taking notes today?

Согласование основных правил встречи (временной режим, принятие решений, и т.д.)

We will first hear a short report on each point first, followed by a discussion of ...
I suggest we go round the table first.
Let's make sure we finish by ...
I'd suggest we ...
There will be five minutes for each item.
We'll have to keep each item to 15 minutes. Otherwise we'll never get through.

Представление Первого пункта повестки дня
So, let's start with ...
I'd suggest we start with...
Why don't we start with...
So, the first item on the agenda is
Pete, would you like to kick off?
Shall we start with ...
(имя участника), would you like to introduce this item?

Завершение обсуждения
I think that takes care of the first item.
Shall we leave that item?
Why don't we move on to...
If nobody has anything else to add, lets ...

Следующий пункт
Let's move onto the next item
Now that we've discussed X, let's now ...
The next item on today's agenda is...
Now we come to the question of.

Передача слова следующему участнику
I'd like to hand over to (имя участника), who is going to lead the next point.
Next, (имя участника) is going to take us through ...
Now, I'd like to introduce (имя участника) who is going to ...

Поведение итогов

Before we close today's meeting, let me just summarize the main points.
Let me quickly go over today's main points.
To sum up, ...,.
OK, why don't we quickly summarize what we've done today.
In brief, ...
Shall I go over the main points?


Right, it looks as though we've covered the main items.
If there are no other comments, I'd like to wrap this meeting up.
Let's bring this to a close for today.
Is there Any Other Business?

Предложение и принятие решения о времени, дате и месте следующей встречи
Can we set the date for the next meeting, please?
So, the next meeting will be on ... (день), the . . . (дата) of.. . (месяц) at ...
Let's next meet on ... (день), the . . . (дата) of.. . (месяц) at ... What about the following Wednesday? How is that?

Выражение благодарности за участие

I'd like to thank Marianne and Jeremy for coming over from London.
Thank you all for attending.
Thanks for your participation.

Закрытие встречи

The meeting is finished, we'll see each other next ...
The meeting is closed.
I declare the meeting closed.

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